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Top 10 Mindset Shifts to Get Out of Your Own Way and Crush Your Goals

Most of us, at one time or another, will find ourselves "stuck" while pursuing our most profound purpose. What we often fail to realize is that we are getting in our own way because of our mindsets. There are many ways people get in their own way. Knowing how to get out could be the difference between succeeding and failing.

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When we are on our track to success and personal achievement, we are often met with many obstacles. Some are real-life hurdles like a lack of money or time, and some we create in our minds.

But don't worry, my friend, 
today we will cover the mindset shifts you need to take to get out of your own way, to reach all your big goals.

It is always possible to push past these obstacles if we employ the right mindsets, to actually manifest really BIG goals.

Anyone who has ever accomplished anything has needed to get past their own obstacles as well. The first and most significant obstacles to obliterate are your negative and limiting beliefs.

Without our conscious awareness, limiting beliefs are causing us to act, often unknowingly, in a way that hurts our chances of success.

The Top Mindset Shifts to Get Out of Your Own Way and Reach Big Goals

To get out of your own way and crush your goals, you need to identify some of the limiting beliefs you have, then get to work on training your brain to think in a new way.


Doing so will get you out of the patterns that are holding you back and propel you towards the new life you're trying to create. So what are some of the most critical mindset shifts you can focus on?


I Do It Tomorrow

One of the most common "excuses" we make is that we will get to our most essential tasks tomorrow.

It is necessary to stop thinking of your success as something that will happen in the future, and instead, focus on bringing it into reality now.

Having set the right goals, makes taking action so much easier, in case you need help with this, check out my goal-setting workbook here!

I Can't Because of _____

There will always be reasons present that will convince you that you can't do anything. You may think you don't have the money, time, intelligence, looks, or personality, but all of these things are resources.

With creativity and proper drive, you can solve any problem. Sometimes you simply need to find a new way around your current setback.

Limiting beliefs are a major abundance block, and you should take care of it as soon as possible.

I'm Not Capable

Steve Jobs once said that one of his most life-changing revelations was that everything around him was created by people no smarter than he was.

Even though he was Steve Jobs, he would have struggled with insecurities and self-doubt like the rest of us. The difference is, he learned the skills necessary and persisted until he succeeded.

There is nothing in your human DNA that makes you less capable of acting in the same way. So success, after all, is YOUR conscious decision!

I Get to It, but First I Need to

Often, we deny ourselves progress by putting tasks we deem necessary before the achievement of our true purpose.

Tackling the functions that will bring us closer to our fulfillment should be at the top of our priority list, not after sending an email, shaving our legs, or doing a grocery run.

When we prioritize our goals, we gain self-confidence, momentum, and mental clarity while we perform our everyday tasks.


I Need to Succeed Right Now

Impatience can be a good thing, but not in the context of sustainable success. We need to be impatient with the small tasks but incredibly patient with the overall outcome.

If you are too eager to see the fruits of your labor, you may become discouraged or thrown off track.

Learn to enjoy the experience of learning and growing while you're working towards your success, and you'll be much more likely to be satisfied by your end result.

I Need to Please the People Around Me

This is one of the most significant ways people get trapped in cycles. It can be challenging to identify that you are avoiding success out of fear of what your closest friends will think of you.

It may be a fear that you'll miss out on something if you don't go out with your friends, or that your spouse will be unhappy with you for spending time working on your passion.

Whatever it is, you need to set boundaries for your time when trying to crush your goals. If you do, you'll be happier and more present for your friends and loved ones when you are with them.

I Need to Do It All Now

Nothing substantial ever gets accomplished all at once. Giving yourself the time and patience to succeed over time is one of the essential ways to crush your goals.

Working for an hour a day on your passion for a year is better than trying to accomplish it all within a couple of weeks. When you overload yourself, you're much more likely to burn out and forget crucial steps along the way.

When you are more consistent and slow with your progress, you allow yourself to learn from experience and take in other perspectives that can help you along the way.

Success is the Only Thing That Matters

Of course, we are all chasing success in one form or another. However, the majority of the time you'll spend in your life will be in the attainment of the goal, not experiencing the success itself.

Learn to enjoy the process and embrace failures and learning experiences that will eventually help you realize your overarching life's purpose.

As a tip, track your progress and all the small wins, for example, with a journal, and don't forget to practice gratitude every day.

It's Too Risky

Many times, we will put our goals and dreams on the back burner because of the perceived risk involved, whether it is financial. Social or relational risk, everything that forces us to grow involves risk.

Consider this: is it a higher risk to chase your goal along with the potential temporary setback, or is it riskier to stay in the same position you're in for another 5-10 years?

As time goes on, your heart will likely still desire the same things you do now, so you may as well get started on it now and avoid the regret of missing out.

Once I Have X, I'll Be Whole and Complete

We often chase our goals because we are trying to fill a hole in our hearts and minds. However, when we are in a state of lack, we are weaker, less creative, and less relaxed.

When we turn it around and chase our goals from a place of wholeness and joy, it becomes much easier to think clearly and hold our highest priorities in mind. Sometimes, it will change our goals altogether for the better.

As already mentioned above, gratitude will help you a lot to deal with this mindset switch. Being grateful for what you already have is really key to an abundance mindset.

Conclusion About Getting Out of Your Own Way

There are many tricks and hacks you can use mentally to shift your mindset to help you crush your goals. Hopefully, some of these mindset shifts have resonated with you and will help you in your quest for a purposeful, contributing life.

In case you need more help in crushing your BIG goals, check out my goal-setting workbook here!

It's filled with exercise that helps you to set the right kind of goals and takes care of your mindset switch!

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Mia Fox Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

Mia Fox
Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

Hey there! I am Mia Fox, author, manifestation & money mindset coach, and the founder of the SelfMadeLadies online community, where I help women like YOU to overcome your limiting beliefs and taking inspired actions towards your goals, to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you and manifest the life of your dreams! My manifesting and money mindset books, blog, and online coaching programs will help you to create your own inner coach and transform your life, the way you always wanted it to be! And now it's your turn! Here is how I can help you » Shop My Books!

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This is NOT "just another" Law of Attraction Book... This is the most hands-on manifesting guide ever written!  And it helped thousands of women to turn their dreams into reality. And now it's YOUR turn!

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Don't Forget Your Gift!

This is NOT "just another" Law of Attraction Book... This is the most hands-on manifesting guide ever written!  And it helped thousands of women to turn their dreams into reality. And now it's YOUR turn!

Get YOUR Free Chapter Now !

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