The Secret Behind "The Secret"

Or the Real Reason Why the Law of Attraction is Not Working the Way You Think It Works

I have been working as an NLP and Manifestation Coach for over a decade, and then built up one of the fastest-growing manifestation blogs, Along the way, I met many women struggling to make the Law of Attraction work. And it truly breaks my heart, because I know that there is an untold secret behind "The Secret" - and it's time that you learn about it...

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Ask, Believe, Receive?


Do you know this famous secret quote? The chances are that you have read the book "The Secret," or watched the movie, and you know these powerful three words. It quickly became the blueprint for all those who wanted to manifest their dreams...

And for me, it became the most misleading three words, once I started to understand how manifestation really works. 

As you clicked through to this post here, I assume that you are still not 100% happy with your manifestations. And you are still looking for that big secret...

Then you are in the RIGHT place!

And hey, if the LoA already works for you and all your big dreams and goals. Amazing!

Then you can save yourself the time reading this 5-part post. Never try to fix a running system.

But between you and me...

Did ask, believe, and then just sit back and receive, really ever work for you?

Or did you tried as hard as you could, and still… your dreams never (entirely) manifested?

At least not the really big ones?

Well, let me tell you this, YOU are NOT alone my friend!

Thousands of readers are looking for these answers on my blog every day. And I get contacted on my Instagram DM's daily, from women, just like you, looking for the true secret behind the Law of Attraction.

And the only problem is, they are focusing on the wrong parts.

That's it.

Unfortunately, there is a ton of misleading or incomplete content around manifestation out there.

These authors, coaches, social media influencers talking about the Law of Attraction might have good intentions, or they don’t, and they simply try to make some quick money (trying to sell you an expensive coaching program.)

But when someone wants to make you believe, that you just have to "trust the universe" they don’t tell you the (full) truth.

Or they might just don't know it any better and copy the same old stuff that we all already know from books like "The Secret."

(ask, believe, receive... remember?)

It doesn’t really matter which of the above is true, but the result stays the same.

You don't get any results.

Or at least not the results you have hoped for.


I know how you feel.

I know your struggles too well because I’ve been at exactly this place myself.

You might even start asking yourself, is the Law of Attraction even real? And if yes, why doesn’t it work for me then?

At least, that were the exact questions I asked myself...

I was stuck, and I believed that this would never work for me.

I thought that the law of attraction is some woo-woo stuff, and I personally really like things to be hands-on.

So I nearly gave up...

Luckily, I didn’t! I gave it that ONE last shot, and finally, my life changed.


It kinda turned my Vision Board into my Instagram feed... 

But let's not talk about my life because this post here is about YOU, not about me.

I wrote my epiphany down for you, because I know I have the solution for you, and I know something that you are probably still missing.

Something very important in your process to make manifestation finally works for you.

And I wanted to put an end to it once and for all. You deserve to live your best life ever!

So let's dive into these points so that you can finally make the Law of Attraction work FOR you and not against you.

I have spent the last decade helping women around the world to manifest their dream life. And I can guarantee you this:

It is not difficult. And you don't need a magic trick OR expensive coaching!

But you need to know the HOW... (oh and I know that everyone else is telling you that the HOW is not your job when manifesting, but be open to this and it will make such a difference...)

And that's what I teach to these amazing ladies in my community, and that's why they get REAL results! 


So before we move on, a word of warning, the next few pages contain quite controversial information which a lot of people don’t like to hear.

Many people are just okay by leveraging the “it's all good, just believe, and you’ll receive” information that is available all over the internet.

That is completely fine with me.

They need these “all is good” quotes and messages, to feel better about their lives, and as long as these messages do their job, good for them.

But this is not the kind of manifesting advice you will find here!

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do and what NOT to do in order to manifest your big dreams and goals. But it will require some commitment and effort from your side.

Saying this, I'm probably going to lose a few readers on this first page. And that's ok. But I can only help you if you're open and ready to take action.

So I better tell you this now before you invest any more time.


This Post Here is Going to Change What You Know About Manifesting

And this is going to change how you think about the Law of Attraction, forever!

If you belong to the first group, if you want to just feel good and just trust in a higher power to make this happen FOR you, this is not the right place for you to be.

You will not like what you will read here, and it may even annoy you a little. But hey, no worries, it’s just the “Universe” talking to you... telling you to go now...

...well, or maybe not!?

But really, if you want to keep believing in the fairy tale of "ask, believe, receive" you should leave now.

I mean it... If you think you will manifest something by just writing your dream on a piece of paper, drink some Earl Grey, and believe that it will manifest (out of thin air,) you must leave now!

Then, this is NOT the right place for you!

You Belong Here if You Want to Make the Law of Attraction Finally Work for You!

You belong here if you are open to getting introduced to a new way of looking at manifesting.

You belong here if you know that there must be more to the Law of Attraction than just hoping and waiting. (With or without a nice cup of Earl Grey.)

You belong definitely here when you know that there is something just not right...

When you think that with your manifestation is something just not working as it should, then you belong here and nowhere else!

Manifesting is an easy step by step process you can just follow.

But ONLY If you know the HOW!

Otherwise, it can be quite frustrating, right?

Listen Gorgeous, I wrote this post, and my bestselling manifestation book, "Become the CEO of Your Dream Life," so that YOU don't have to have the same frustrating experiences that I had for a very long time.

» Here, you will learn that your success, all the manifestations you have MADE so far, are all rooted in your very own and very real, physical, and psychological capabilities.

» You will learn how to leverage the knowledge you gather here to make your biggest dreams come true.

» You will also learn that this has absolutely NOTHING to do with wishful thinking. Sure, you can drink some Earl Grey if you like, but you don't have to.

» You will learn exactly what to do, how to do it, and why to do it!

So, if you are ready to open a new, hidden chapter, then say YES! And welcome to your journey.

This will blow your mind!!

Over the next pages, you will learn more about the REAL secret behind "The Secret."

And why no one wants you to know about this...

So grab yourself a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, because now, I’m about to reveal my BIG secret to you...


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  1. Most people aren’t getting results with the Law of Attraction (it’s not just you!)

  2. There is a BIG untold secret behind The Secret, and it's time that you learn about it.

Shyma J.

What sets this apart from other books of the same genre, are the concrete tips given to manifest dreams. I absolutely loved the practical advice given.

Katrin B.

Mia’s book is like having a talk with a good friend – she is knowledgeable, lovable, sharing from the heart and only wants the best for you.

Kristina B.

Become the CEO of your dream life is filled with hope, inspiration, and practical steps on how to make the Law of attraction work in your favour.