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How to Crush Big Goals Without Leaving Your Comfort Zone

You are all fired up by the BIG goals you set yourself. You are ready to crush them! You know that for manifesting your dream life you need to leave your comfort zone, after all, this is how the Law of Attraction works, right? But then the fear comes up in you...

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Your limiting thoughts begin to spin in circles, and you are blocked so much that you don't even take the first small step. But it doesn't have to be that way! Sure, we all know them; these quotes on Instagram, such as:

"You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone."


"Step outside your comfort zone because that's the only way you're going to grow."

And these quotes are right; your awesome life really starts outside your comfort zone, but you should also know that fear is an entirely natural state, and I have another solution for you. T
oday I will show you how you can reach big goals WITHOUT leaving your comfort zone. 


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What is the Comfort Zone

But let's start with what your comfort zone is.

The comfort zone is a psychological state where things feel familiar to you and where you feel comfortable.

In this state, you think you have full control over your environment, and you are free of stress and fear.

Think of a thunderstorm outside, it is windy, and it rains, but you sit inside in the warm living room, drink a nice cup of tea, and watch your favorite series on Netflix.

The problem with the comfort zone is exactly one: it is so safe that nothing happens. Nothing that will get you ahead in life!

So you understand that to develop further, you have to break out of this zone. At least from time to time.

But that is easier said than done, for most of us. 

Especially we women are programmed to stay in the warm cave and take care of the children.

The men are the brave hunters and take care of the killing of wild animals so that we have something to eat in the evening.

That's not us! At best, we leave the cave to collect some berries and bushes.

But this programming that we have been carrying since the stone-age is rather unsuitable.

  • Unsuitable if we want to build our own business.
  • Unsuitable if we want to go on a world trip.
  • Unsuitable if we want this management position, which is also what our "brave" colleague John has in mind.

What can we do now?


Why You Should Expand Your Comfort Zone

As someone who has been struggling with the topic of fear all his life and has nevertheless managed to live in 4 different countries, to get more than one management position and to build up more than one successful business, I can say one thing quite clearly: it also works without always having to leave your comfort zone.

Sometimes you have to, yes, for example, I had to overcome my fear of flying to be able to travel by plane finally, but at some point, I was looking for a solution how to reach BIG goals without having to take this step out of the comfort zone every time.

Because for me, this step out wasn't just something "uncomfortable," more like leaving home to fight in a war. And I was 99% sure that I would never return.

What I realized at some point; that it wasn't about leaving the comfort zone. It was about what was on the other side.

And this epiphany helped me to find a solution.

The Law of Attraction works on the simple principle that you reprogram your subconscious mind into a new "truth" into your new "reality" - and that's exactly what you can do for your comfort zone.

Instead of stepping out of your comfort zone, you just bring the great stuff from the outside to the inside.

You expand your zone, step by step. The side effect is that you still feel safe and comfortable and at the same time you do and have all the things you really need a lot of courage for.

Let me show you how you can easily do that and finally enjoy all the awesomeness of "outside the comfort zone." Without any danger! 

5 Proven Ways That Help You to Expand Your Comfort Zone

By expanding your comfort zone, you can increase your manifesting success a lot!

You'll have more options, and of course, you will enjoy life to a greater extent.

And that's not it, you increase your resistance to stress, and you can experience a greater level of comfort while accomplishing more.

Expand your comfort zone and watch your manifesting results skyrocket with these techniques:

#1 Identify the Ways That Your Comfort Zone is Limiting Your Progress for That One Specific Goal You Are Working on Right Now!

We often try to achieve too much at once, try to be successful all along the line, and think it takes a quantum leap to be really successful.

But whether you imagine taking such a big step out of your comfort zone, or expanding your comfort zone so far, it will surely scare you and may even block you completely.

And in the end, you don't do anything.

Try to ask yourself what specific area it is that is holding back from this ONE goal and just work on this.

To learn more about setting the kind of goal that actually makes goal-achieving easy, check out my transformational goal-setting workbook & printable goal planner.

#2 Eat That Frog!

Eat the Frog is a time management technique made famous by Brian Tracy and his book with the same title.

It's about looking at your todo list in the morning and doing the most difficult, worst task first. That way it' s right off the table and you can concentrate on other things.

You can do the same with your comfort zone. Think about which activity is the worst for you and work only on this one.

Once you have overcome this, everything else will be much easier for you.


#3 Change Your Routine

Everything we do in a routine is usually within our comfort zone. We do it often, and therefore it feels familiar and safe for us.

Now you can easily change your routine, without much effort. For example, you choose a new way to commute to work or try out a new hairstyle.

Of course, these are small things, nothing to be afraid of, but every single one of these changes signals to your subconscious mind; new is nothing to be scared of.

You will soon find yourself trying out more and more new things and "growing out" of your comfort zone.

#4 Mix the Uncomfortable With the Good Stuff

The easiest way to overcome your fear of trying out new things is by combining them with things that you enjoy.

Think about what activities are there that you enjoy but are also a bit outside of your comfort zone?

For example, if you are afraid of heights, but you love great food in fancy restaurants, why not find one that is somewhere on the 20th floor?

The chances are that you'll find a great restaurant, and the amazing views will probably let you forget about your fear of heights for just a moment.

Or you have social anxiety but would like to start with yoga. Instead of learning the exercises at home with Youtube videos, you could attend a yoga class.

#5 Use One of the Most Powerful Law of Attraction Tool to Expand Your Comfort Zone Step by Step

The last tip is also the one that will give you the fastest results. Apply visualization to expand your comfort zone, step by step.

Visualization techniques are so effective at manifesting because they directly activate the Law of Attraction where it happens; in your subconscious mind.

Visualization is also excellent to solve your abundance blocks, which can stand in the way of your success, just like your comfort zone.

Close your eyes for a moment, and then think about where your comfort zone ends, where your limit is. 

Now visualize yourself, not actually stepping out of this comfort zone, because that may feel VERY uncomfortable for you, but just imagine now how this zone expands. How your comfort zone stretches a tiny bit further, how the border between "I feel comfortable" and "I feel uncomfortable, I am afraid" slightly shifts. 

A little more every day. Take baby steps. That's totally ok.

Try this for a few weeks or months, and you will find yourself doing new things, trying out new things, and, most importantly, being less scared when you do so.

Leaving the comfort zone is often a terrifying thing, but you don't need to be scared, because you don't actually have to leave your safe zone, you can just expand it. A little bit, every day.

That's one of the transformational techniques I used to reprogram my subconscious mind and finally make the Law of Attraction work for me.

When you want to learn more about manifesting your dreams, in my bestselling book, I teach women like you, how to turn dreams into goals and crush them. 

Mia Fox Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

Mia Fox
Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

Hey there! I am Mia Fox, author, manifestation & money mindset coach, and the founder of the SelfMadeLadies online community, where I help women like YOU to overcome your limiting beliefs and taking inspired actions towards your goals, to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you and manifest the life of your dreams! My manifesting and money mindset books, blog, and online coaching programs will help you to create your own inner coach and transform your life, the way you always wanted it to be! And now it's your turn! Here is how I can help you » Shop My Books!

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This is NOT "just another" Law of Attraction Book... This is the most hands-on manifesting guide ever written!  And it helped thousands of women to turn their dreams into reality. And now it's YOUR turn!

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Don't Forget Your Gift!

This is NOT "just another" Law of Attraction Book... This is the most hands-on manifesting guide ever written!  And it helped thousands of women to turn their dreams into reality. And now it's YOUR turn!

Get YOUR Free Chapter Now !

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