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7 Top Benefits of Journaling For Your Mindset

There is a manifesting tool that can help you, particularly when your personal development is a priority; this is having a journal.  There are many benefits of journaling for your mindset, and seven of them I would like to highlight today. Keep on reading to get to know the top advantages of journaling and how it can help you attract and manifest health, wealth, and abundance.

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7 Top Benefits of Journaling For Your Mindset -


Journaling is a great way to relax and you might have heard of the great benefits of journaling before bed. You can let everything out that is on your mind. That is just one of the benefits journaling can have. We will cover seven of the top journaling benefits for your mindset today.

And if you love to learn more about using your journal to manifest your dreams check out my in-depth journaling guide. This guide is also covering questions like how do I start writing a journal, or how to stick with journaling and will give you different journal ideas.

But now let's dive in to find out what main benefits does journaling have:

Journaling Helps You Keep Track of Your Goals

Our minds are forced to deal with a vast input of information that, after a while, causes us to feel distracted and unable to fully use our cognitive capacities.

Not only that, but the constant overflow of stimuli has a way of draining us so that we give in to the rising feeling of chaos taking over, which results in a state of inner chaos and makes it really difficult to stay focused.

Although multitasking may seem cool, our minds were actually engineered to surpass obstacles one at a time, and that's when we're most functional, but with so many goals and to-dos, few of us are able to strike out all of them.

Most people tend to forget or organize their time poorly, and that's where journaling comes to save the day.

Think of your journal as of an external hard-drive for your mind.

Whenever your mind gets flooded with information, your journal will be the one place you turn to. It will allow you to keep track of your goals, achievements, and failures and organize accordingly.

The organization is one of the key management skills that will allow you to save time, and you know what they say about time and money.

Journaling Helps You Analyze Your Advantages and Your Weak Spots

As we've mentioned already, it's not just your goals that you'll track, but achievements and failures as well.

Mind you that it's not enough to just write those down, you need to analyze them and look for what caused you to achieve or fail at reaching your goals.

Reading about your past or current endeavors puts you in a more neutral position from which you may objectively assess your advantages and disadvantages and then later work to improve.

By getting to know who you are and where you stand, you become more mindful, and that's a prerequisite for manifesting and attracting abundance.


Journaling Helps You to Stay on Track When You Lack Willpower


Simply put, journaling helps you stay motivated.

By taking note of how much you've achieved already, it's getting clearer to you that you sometimes must endure all the hardships in order to continue your journey towards success.

The logic is as simple as it gets - when you focus on how much you've put in and achieved already, you're gaining motivation and faith in your achievements, and it makes it that much harder for you to quit.

Which is a good thing because practice makes perfect.

Reading about all the goals you achieved already works in the same manner as positive affirmations do.

You just count your blessings and focus on the positive to resonate with positive vibrations and attract positivity.


Journaling Helps You Make Important Decisions in Life

Decision making can take its toll and really drain you.

Sometimes it's harder to make a decision to do something than actually do it. That's where journaling comes into play.

There's a neat trick that makes journaling such a powerful tool when it comes to decision making.

Just make a pros and cons list, assign values to each of the items on the list, start to reflect on every single point, and write it all down. When the result is positive, do it and if the cons overpower the pros, give up.

Giving up may seem a bit uninspiring, but knowing what and when to give up is one of the most important things you'll ever learn. You can't have it all… at least not at the same time.

By shifting your attention from what doesn't serve your purposes to what you actually benefit from, you save time, energy, nerves, and the trouble of dealing with negative vibrations in your life.

Journaling Helps You Refine Your Ego

Our egos or our ideas about who we are are is what's often keeping us from becoming who we need to become in order to get where we want to be in life.

Egos are built upon beliefs we get passed on in our early childhood, and from our interpretations of what happened. In other words, we literally build our self-image out of our memories over time.

Journaling helps us see through that image we hold of ourself, and start to be that person we want to be.


Journaling Helps You Find a Purpose

Many of psychological ailments nowadays happen due to people not being creative enough to direct their lives.

In your life, you are the screenwriter, the director, the actor, and your own audience.

You need to plan and direct your potential towards something so that you avoid the feeling of existential dread and emptiness lurking at your doorstep.

Journaling can help you with that if you only take note of all the possibilities and all the things you enjoy or dislike doing.

Leave out what you don't enjoy and focus on what fulfills you and how you can include these points in your daily life, to give yourself a sense of purpose and stability.


Benefits of Journaling for the Law of Attraction and Manifesting

Of course, I had to include the benefits of having a manifestation journal; after all, SelfMadeLadies is all about manifesting with the help of the universal laws.

So what benefits does your journal have when it comes to the manifestation process?

If you think about it, the way manifestation works are by the materialization of thoughts.

Your thoughts, sending the right signals to your subconscious mind, will activate the power of the law of attraction (and other universal laws), which results in the manifestation of your dreams.

Of course, there are more steps involved, and if you want to learn more about manifesting, I'd suggest you check out my bestselling manifestation book.

But it all start's with that signal to your subconscious mind. And that's where journaling can be a very powerful tool to use.

Writing your dreams down in a journal allows your subconscious mind to focus on what's been written and match your daily activities and vibrations to attract what you're focused on.

So you see, there are many benefits of journaling, and many of the positive long term effects of journaling are scientifically proven, as for example in this study here on the health benefits of keeping a diary

And now that you know why journaling is good for you, you should really get started with your own manifesting journal. A journal is a very powerful tool when manifesting your dream life is your goal.

Mia Fox
Author, Certified Transformational Trainer, NLP & Mindset Coach

Hey there! I am Mia Fox, author, manifestation & money mindset coach, and the founder of the SelfMadeLadies online community, where I help women like YOU to overcome your limiting beliefs and taking inspired actions towards your goals, to finally make the Law of Attraction work for you and manifest the life of your dreams! My manifesting and money mindset books, blog, and online coaching programs will help you to create your own inner coach and transform your life, the way you always wanted it to be! And now it's your turn! Here is how I can help you » Shop My Books!

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Don't Forget Your Gift!

This is NOT "just another" Law of Attraction Book... This is the most hands-on manifesting guide ever written!  And it helped thousands of women to turn their dreams into reality. And now it's YOUR turn!

Get YOUR Free Chapter Now !

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